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Get the best protection for your digital assets with the power of crowdsourcing, and enhance the security. We provide high quality service through crowdsourcing, ensuring that you never miss a security update.

Step 01

Enquire for details

Ask for an inquiry and submit a pre-listing questionnaire. 

You will be contacted by our team with the best plan for your needs.

Step 02

Specifications Listed

Set up your dashboard and get your program listed on our platform.  

Step 03

Set Up Security

You can now start your cyber security program and test it against the real world.

Why Choose Cyber3ra

Secure your clicks, Secure your business reputation

Multi Platform

Multi login dashboard for CISO and assign security staff.

Flexible Programs

Ensure that you are running programs that correspond to your current level of security maturity.

Private Programs

Make use of crowdsourcing and access unlimited pools of ethical hackers.

Program Analytics

Your program dashboard gives you access to all your reports, bounties, and severity levels.

Per Per Bug

Paying rewards according to bug severity will increase your efficiency and decrease your costs.

Expert Community

Make use of crowdsourcing and access unlimited pools of ethical hackers.

Our Services

What We Offer

Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty

Our bug bounty platform allows you to manage all your public and private bug bounty programs and engage top ethical hackers.

Advanced Pentesting

Advanced Pentesting

Our advanced penetration testing services help protect critical digital assets with the power of crowdsourcing.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Our experts are always looking for new security challenges, combining automation and manual testing to find the most common vulnerabilities.

Security Trainings

Security Trainings

We offer advanced and practical cybersecurity training programs for students, corporates and government organizations.



Cyber3ra vCISO Advisory Services Help Executives & Security Teams Safeguard Information Assets While Supporting Business Operations

Cyberwarfare Army

Cyberwarfare Army

We are building the most advanced army of ethical hackers and defending the nation from cross-border cyber attacks.

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Find critical vulnerabilities in your application before they can be exploited by the crowd using the power of the crowd with Cyber3ra.